What is Internet? Know how the internet works

What is the Internet, you must have been using it, but do you know what it is. How does the Internet work. Let me tell you that when you send Massage on Whatsapp or Facebook and your thousands of kilometers away your Relative takes your Massage in a few seconds, it is all amazing of the Internet, whyich has made the world very small.

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What is Internet

Internet (international networkof computer) means two or more computers having interconnection. You can get information from any place of the world with the help of internet. When the humans stepped on the moon in 1969, the US Defense Office appointed Advance Research Project Agency, or ARPA.

At that time, a network of four computers was formed, in which they did Data Exchange and Share, later it was linked with many agencies. Gradually this network grew and later it became open to common people as well. The best thing about internet is that no agency has control in internet.

The first in India was the Internet launched by state-run BSNL on 15 August 1995. Later, slowly Private Service Providers like Airtel Reliance idea started Internet.

How does the Internet run?

Some of you may be thinking that there is a cloud over us, in which all the data stores of the Internet reside and from that the Internet runs.

But let us tell you that there is nothing like this. The entire internet does not even work with the satellite we have left. 

Before satellite used to run, but this technology is very old and data was also slow loaded. But our engineers discovered AC technology, in which we are using Fast Internet today, this technology is optical fiber cable.

It is true that we have laid optical fiber cable of more than 8 lakh kilometers in the sea, in which 90% of our internet is used. The same optical fiber cable is laid in the sea, which costs less and costs less.

Since the cable is laid in the sea, in which large ships also operate and sometimes the anchor of the ship also damages the optical fiber cable, something like this happened on 13 January 2008 in Egypt. Due to which 70% Internet of Egypt was closed.

This problem has also been resolved. Several teams have been formed, which monitor optical fiber cable in the sea 24 hours. If there is a loss in any optical fiber cable, then this team fixes it as quickly as possible.


Now you would have come to know that 90% runs through internet cable but 10% runs from where. This 10% internet is accessed by intelligence agency, which is run by satellite, we can not access this Internet.

How the Internet works?

Nowadays we use all the Internet but we do not know how the Internet works. To understand this, we do three parts of it, the first one is eSrver, in which all the information of the world is saved. Another Internet Service Provider (0 airtel reliance idea) that sends information to us from the server. Third is the browser of our PC or mobile from which we search for information.

When we search any information image or video in our browser, then this request first goes to our Internet Service Provider. This Net Provider searches on the server. The server then sends that information to the Internet Provider and the Internet Provider sends the information to us. This process is very fast, from which we get information in a few seconds.


So now you must know what the Internet is and how it works. If you like this information, then definitely share it with your friends.
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